457-es megint

Benefit to Australia
The Subclass 457 visa program is designed to support the Australian
economy by providing a mechanism for the temporary entry to Australia of
skilled persons to top-up the available domestic workforce and
contribute to growth in the Australian economy. As unemployment
increases within the local labour market, it is expected that the need
to recruit overseas workers will decrease in a number of industries.
The department needs to be satisfied that there is a Benefit to
Australia as opposed to a benefit to the business.

Given the prevailing economic climate, I am seeking information which
demonstrates that the employment of temporary skilled overseas workers
is of benefit to Australia in at least one of the following ways:
(i) the creation or maintenance of employment for Australian
citizens or Australian permanent residents; or
(ii) expansion of Australian trade in goods or services; or
(iii) the improvement of Australian business links with international
markets; or
(iv) competitiveness within sectors of the Australian community.

Please provide a submission detailing how each of the subclass 457
nominees will contribute towards at least one of the above objectives.
Claims should be supported by documentary evidence as appropriate.