Turista-vízum megint

Unokáját meglátogatni akaró nagymama elektronikus turista-vízumot kért és ezt az emilt kapta válaszként.

Your visa application has been referred to the Electronic Visitor Visa
Processing Centre of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for
further assessment.

1) To enable the Department to further process your Electronic Tourist Visa
(subclass 676) application, you are required to provide the following

a letter of support from the family member or friend in Australia named on your application form, stating their relationship to you, the level of support they are willing to offer and over what period of your proposed stay in Australia.

The letter of support must be signed by the family member or friend in
Australia and faxed to the \”Electronic Visitor Visa Processing Centre\” on
fax number +61 3 6220 5325 (or 03 6220 5325 from within Australia). Please ensure that the letter of support includes the applicant’s full name, date of birth, and the Transaction Reference Number
2) To enable this office to further assess your Electronic Tourist Visa
(subclass 676) application it will be necessary for you to answer the
following questions:

Do you seek to enter or remain in Australia as a genuine visitor, whose principal purpose is to spend a holiday in Australia?

Will you depart Australia at the end of your 3 month stay on your Tourist Visa (subclass 676)?

How do you intend to spend your stay in Australia?

your intentions after departure from Australia (ie continuation of travel or return to employment in usual country of residence)