Fiatal, férjezetlen nők elektronikus turista-vízumot kértek és ezt a két emilt kapták válaszként.


To allow assessment of your visa application to continue, you are requested
to provide the following additional information:

a full travel itinerary covering your travel arrangements and plans
within Australia, and a description of the activities you plan to undertake over the period of  your planned stay in Australia, and  your intentions after departure from Australia (ie continuation of travel or return to employment in usual country of residence)


To enable the Department to further process your Electronic Tourist Visa (subclass 676) application, you are required to provide the following information:

a letter of support from the family member or friend in Australia named on your application form, stating their relationship to you, the level of support they are willing to offer and over what period of your proposed stay in Australia.

a bank statement showing the name of the account holder, all transactions for the past 3 months and the final balance of the account (original or certified copy); and a letter from your employer stating the length of your employment, your salary level and approved leave period and copies of payslips or other official record of your income for the past six months.