Ázsiai turisták ellen elkövetett rasszista kirohanást kapott videóra egy sydney-i busz utasa. A busz belső kamerája is megtette ugyanezt, de ezt nem lehet nyilvánosan leközölni, mert a bűnözőket védő  különféle ausztrál törvények (Privacy Act, Surveillance Devices  Act) tiltják. Az eset leírása a news.com szájtjáról, angolul:

Heidi, who did not want her last name published, told news.com.au that in the minutes before she started filming, the man asked the tourists why they came to Australia and demanded they leave the country. He called them “Japanese c—-s”, questioned whether they “f—ing speak English” and told the tourists the Japanese had apparently bombed Adelaide and Melbourne during World War II. “They were very taken aback, very shocked, they didn’t really know how to deal with it,” Heidi said. One tourist even apologised to the man for having seemingly provoked him, which Heidi said enraged him even more. Other passengers on the bus service failed to intervene. Several people can be heard laughing at the abuse, which Heidi said was “unacceptable”. “The atmosphere on the bus was surprisingly light, it was surprisingly casual,” she said. “I was quite uncomfortable at first as the incident progressed and unfolded I became more and more outraged.