A Bevándorlási Hivatalnak immár facebook oldala is van és ott nem csak ők beszélnek, hanem a vízum-pályázók is. Érdekes párbeszédeket olvashatunk. Pl. ezt:

  • Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Hoosein..you should get in touch with a client service officer on 131 881 – or if you are outside Australia use this link to find a local contact number http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/

    16 September at 14:11 ·
    17 September at 22:45 · · 1 person
  • Ahmed Khurram Riaz I have gone through that link already I want to know Can I apply now means is Immigration dept accepting new applications, Let me know do I need a sponsership offer to apply on skilled category ?

    16 September at 14:45 ·
  • Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Ahmed, you should contact us directly for advice – if you are calling in Australia ring the department on 1300 364 613, otherwise use this link to find your nearest department office http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/

    16 September at 15:12 ·
  • Ahmed Khurram Riaz I have called you directly so many times but unfortunately no one answers my questions:(

    16 September at 15:19 ·
  • Utsav Neupane Exactly Ahmed …the people picking the phone don’t have any clue what they are talking about….we never get the right answer

    17 September at 07:15 ·
  • Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship With respect Ahmed and Ustav: the DIAC staff answering your calls are very experienced and usually, very helpful. It may be not that you never get what you call the “right” answer, but rather that you are not happy with the answer you’re getting. They can only tell you what the Migration Act and regulations provide for; they cannot always give you the answer you might want.

    17 September at 22:26 · · 1 person
  • Utsav Neupane Ok …thank u very much …we were wrong …n we were expecting stars to fall which is practically not possible because we have ozone layer which protects them from coming to the earth……..nevermind ….we will wait wait n wait…………

    17 September at 22:37 ·
  • Utsav Neupane Another thing with respect immigration …u write ustav instead of Utsav ….that is a very good example of how immigration works ….that is what happened to me when I applied for TR …I had to wait fir two n half year to get my TR …..I won’t be surprised if I have to wait for another 5 years for PR …..

    17 September at 22:41 ·
  • Ahmed Khurram Riaz Haaahahhhahahaha I believe DIAC should acknowledge clients concers….