ACS közlemény

The ACS wishes to advise you that, on 1 July 2010, immediately after the commencement of
Migration Amendment Regulations 2010, the ACS will assess a visa applicant’s nominated skilled
occupation according to the ANZSCO standard.

Following arrangements will be made to facilitate the ACS Pre-application Skills Assessment
(PASA) during ASCO-ANZSCO transformation.

Who are these arrangements for?

These arrangements are for applicants who:
have been affected by the temporary suspension of certain General Skilled Migration
(GSM) visa applications on 8 May 2010, and
• have the skills and qualifications assessed as SUITABLE under the ACS Pre-application
Skills Assessment Guidelines in place at the time of skills assessment application, and
• received a result letter issued within the time frame: 1 May 2010 – 30 June 2010
inclusively, and
• are able to provide a verifiable independent evidence of possessing skills and
qualifications closely related to an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
as at 1 July 2010 or the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) as at 1
July 2010, and that occupation continues to be an acceptable occupation for skilled visa
program purposes, and
• wish to be reassessed under ANZSCO standard, and their ASCO occupation information
may not be considered under skilled visa program ASCO-ANZSCO transitional
arrangements endorsed by DIAC.
*The PDF documents below show the full list of DIAC-endorsed correlations from ASCO occupations to
ANZSCO occupations for each of the above lists.
SOL DIAC-endorsed ASCO-ANZSCO correlations – 1 July 2010 (224KB PDF file)
ENSOL DIAC-endorsed ASCO-ANZSCO correlations – 1 July 2010 (104KB PDF file)

If you are such an applicant, please apply for the review of your original skills assessment using
Application for Review of PASA available from the Migration Skills Assessment Section on the
ACS website … nloadforms.

Your application will be assessed free of charge.