A 457-es (ideiglenes munkavállalói) vízumra várók számára nem a megfelelő megoldás az, hogy a várakozás közben kérnek egy turista-vízumot és idejönnek Ausztráliába. Nem tekinthetők valódi látogatóknak azok, akik turista-vízummal jönnek ide hogy itt 457-est szerezzenek.

Visitor visas for people who have applied for a subclass 457 visa

Visitor visas are not appropriate for people wanting to travel to Australia for the purpose of waiting for their Subclass 457 visa to be processed.
Applicants for a 457 visa, as with any visa applicant, should await the outcome of their application before booking airfares to come to Australia unless they are planning to travel to Australia for a short visit for tourism or business purposes. All Visitor visa applicants must satisfy the decision maker that they intend a genuine visit, among other things, as set out in Australian Migration Law.
Visa processing officers must take into account relevant considerations such as the applicant’s:
  • personal circumstances
  • incentive to return home
  • financial situation
  • ability to support themselves while in Australia.
An applicant seeking to overstay their visitor visa or to remain in Australia on a subsequent visa is not considered a genuine visitor.