ASCO Occupations 5-7

From today (15 May 2009), ASCO Occupations 5-7 can no longer be nominated under Subclass 457 Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) arrangements.

These changes also apply to applications already lodged but undecided.

For applications which no longer meet the requirements, DIAC says that \”your case officer will give you the option to withdraw the application, and make a request for a refund.\”
\”Refunds are available in particular situations. The department will be contacting those clients who may be entitled to a refund and providing them with an opportunity to withdraw relevant applications and request a refund.
In general terms a refund will be available to those who have lodged a nomination or visa application that was not finalised before 15 May 2009 if the application has a nominated activity that has tasks that correspond to the tasks of an occupation in an ASCO 5-7 position. Approved nominations for ASCO 5-7 positions where a Subclass 457 visa has not been granted for this nomination may also be eligible to apply for a refund.\”

If employers want to employ overseas workers in ASCO 5-7, it may be possible to use a labour agreement. Information about accessing a labour market agreement can be obtained by emailing

Other options may include ENS or RSMS applications.

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