Researching your ancestry

The Hungarian National Archives

English version

A good map from the past

The second military survey (1806-1869)

The home page is in Hungarian, the old map is in German

Find your ancestral place on the modern map, then find it on the old one. Take note of the old name of the county (megye or vármegye) and the ancient spelling of the place name. Use them to find the county and the place in the first nation-wide taxation registry of 1715.

The National Taxation Registry of 1715

from the Database of the Hungarian National Archive

The home page is in Hungarian, the taxation registry pages are in Latin. Click on the Az 1715. évi országos összeírás menu item. The counties and the major towns will come up first.

This is an other link to the same database: Adatbázisok Online

This is the National Taxation Registry of 1720.

Registries on-line